FLOATING TRAP: In this serious game, the patient is led to open their hand and make a fist alternatively. This exercise requires a good level of concentration: in fact, the user moves a floating raft on the left or on the right according to the finger Flexion– Extension in order to avoid some objects in the scene.

ENDLESS ZIG: In this activity, the patient drives a marble along a zigzag path appearing on the screen. Going out of the boundaries causes score loss; sim- ilarly, some bonus gems appear on the path. The patient controls the marble movement with Radial–Ulnar deviation.

CITY CAR: In this game, the patient drives a car along a randomly-generated road. The user should steer in the presence of curves and crossroads with the movement of Flexion–Extension of the wrist. Penalties are introduced when the user goes off-track.

FINGER TAP: In this exergame, the patient performs the finger opposition exercise,in particular he is required to touch with the thumb other fingers, one finger at a time. The scene of the game represents a neck of a four-string guitar. In a sequential mode, some coloured marbles fall off the strings, the colour sequence  is  green,  yellow,  red  and  blue. To stop the falling marbles, the patient must plucks the right string, opposing the right finger, at the correct timing.