Lower extremities



EQUILIBRIUM PAINT: This serious game is an interactive version of the Sit to Stand (STS) exercise, typically used in traditional rehabilitation to evaluate patient performance. The user should stand up and sit down repeatedly within a predefined amount of time (30 seconds); their trunk must remain erect: an erroneous lateral shift causes the fall of the cans of paint leaning on an unstable wooden beam.

HOT AIR: This is an activity to train the patient’s body balance. The user can control the direction of a hot-air balloon, floating in the sky with the balance shift: in-game scores are collected when it is led towards the bonus targets

PUSH BOX: PushBox is an exergames of assessment of the balance where the patient must stretch forward with his arms parallel to the ground. It takes inspiration from a phase of the Berg Balance test. The purpose of this exercise is to push a box into a hole a few meters in front of the box.

FLAPPY CLOUD: This is a functional exercise for the lower limb. The leg Abduction–Adduction movement re- flects the position of a cloud object in the game screen: the patient should make it move forward without hitting some obstacles.