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The research activities of the SIGNAL PROCESSING and TELECOMUNICATION GROUP at
(DITEN) Dept. of Naval Electric Electronic And Telecom Engeneeringare summarized in the following sections.The research of the Numip area is focused on image processing and analysis techniques at a numerical level, rather than at a symbolic level. At present, two approaches are under study. One uses fuzzy techniques and is centred around a fuzzy intensity connectedness measure, that can be applied, for instance, to image filtering and segmentation.

Medical applications

The group is actively involved in the design of image processing techniques with the purpose of improving the current medical practice. They range from segmentation to registration, generally independent from the particular modality of acquisition (MRI, CT, PET,US). A number of national and international projects provide a suitable framework to co-operate with some of the major industries, involved in the production of medical apparatus, and with famous hospitals all over Europe and Italy. The group is now involved in tele-medicine and remote consultation and processing of medical images.

Remote-sensing (RS) applications

In the recent past, the area has been involved more and more in the remote-sensing domain. The enormous amount of RS data calls for automated and robust image analysis techniques.



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