Medical Applications

Segmentation and registration of carpal bones

Medical images are used for diagnosis, treatment planning, disease monitoring and image-guided surgery.

In the context of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) disease, the segmentation and registration methods can be used to extract and analyze bones.

These techniques can be exploited by rheumatologists in order to make an evaluation of RA through semi or fully quantitative measurements, to monitor the erosion and edema progression via multi-temporal acquisitions.

Color data fusion of triphasic CT liver  

The color data fusion technique is oriented to combine data, coming from two or more sources or from different times, in a single volume characterized by a high informative content.

An innovative multi-temporal diagnostic method for liver district is triphasic CT.

The application of color data fusion on the volumes of the triphasic liver allows to localize and highlight the pathology with respect to the parenchyma.